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Transforming Spaces in Your Home

At Trimworks Construction, we lead the way in expert carpentry and custom cabinetry in Oklahoma City, committing ourselves to craftsmanship excellence and meticulous attention to detail. We tailor every project to your needs and preferences, ensuring the highest standards in every piece we create.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. That's why we offer bespoke carpentry services tailored for your home's key areas- the kitchen, bathroom, or closets. Our custom cabinets are not just storage solutions but style statements that elevate your space.


As a homeowner, you may want to take on a project to update your interior. If so, Trimworks Construction is what you need to create a finish carpentry work of art for your home.

So, what exactly can Trimworks Construction do? And what sorts of interior custom cabinetry can they build?

The Trimworks Construction dabbles in all sorts of projects. We've helped homeowners transform their interiors with the following types of home services:

Finish carpentry

We specialize in installations of cabinets, interior doors, casing, baseboards and window sills.


We offer bespoke stair services, expertly crafting custom staircases that combine functionality with stunning design to blend seamlessly with your home's unique style.

Decorative ceilings

Trimworks Construction excels in decorative ceiling carpentry, offering exquisite designs that transform your ceilings into a focal point of beauty and craftsmanship.


We expertly design and install shiplap walls, adding a touch of rustic charm and texture to any room, perfectly tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

Custom Cabinets

Enhance your home with our custom cabinet carpentry, where elegance meets functionality—designed to attract and inspire


We create beautiful wainscoting, adding simple yet elegant panel designs to your walls for a stylish and cozy look.


We specialize in creating decorative custom kitchens meticulously designed to blend style, functionality, and personalized details for the heart of your home.


We pride ourselves on our crafting decorative custom wall units, tailored to enhance your living space with elegance, functionality, and a seamless integration of your personal style.

About Us

We are a local contractor in OKC with years of experience. We specialize in trim carpentry stairs, beams, mantels, and custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, and closets. We offer all our expertise to help you with your projects, providing quality, reliability, and attention to every detail. Our Services include Custom Cabinetry and General Carpentry.

We Look Forward To Helping You And Your Clients!



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We tailor every project to your needs and preferences, ensuring the highest standards in every piece we create.
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